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Help build a photographic moth id database

The aim of this site is to encourage the
identification and recording of moths throughout
the African continent.

There are many thousands of species to be found and identification is very difficult with few reference works available, and trawling through museum collections the only practical way to identify most specimens.

At African moths we hope to publish as many photographs of live and set specimens as possible, with or without identification, so that as comprehensible a data base as possible can be assembled.

Photographs are welcomed as is any information regarding unidentified species already featured.

We cannot hope to feature every African moth species, and new species are being discovered all the time, but we hope to make moth identification much easier than it is at present.

The more submissions we receive then the greater the value of this site for everybody.


Beetles in the bush
Ted MacRae very interesting site with much more than beetle on it.

Ants of Africa
A very detailed web site for anybody who is interested in ants with reference to the various African ant comminities.

Lambert Smiths Insecta
Lambert's site contains a wide range of inerest in Natural history but is centered around insects and their photography. It is also a forum for like minded people to ask questions etc.

Lepidopterist's Society of Africa
A society bringing together lepidopterists for all over the African continent if not the world to share information, photographs, news and events.

South African Butterfly Conservation Assessment
This site contains a very good virtual museum which tries to identfy various species found within South Africa.

Joans African blog
A wonderfully photo-illustrated blog about the life and loves of a lady living in South Africa.

Anglia Lepidopterist Supplies
a good site for all types of lep equipment.

Swedish Museum of Natural History
This link features a list of all the moths in the museum but more importantly each Type specimen is illustrated.

Royal Museum for Central Africa
This site also features a large collection of Type specimens.

An excellent site specialising in the Charaxes family of butterflies but also a good selection of moth photographs from Ngungwe in Rwanda

Kirby Wolfe's saturniidae collection
superb photographs of silkmoths from all around the world.

the definitive online guide to the moths of Great Britain and Ireland.

Photos from Gabon
Amongst many different photographs are some excellent pictures of both moths and butterflies.

Travel Book of Gabon
A picture filled exploration of the Country of Gabon

Your Country
A steadily growing tribute to the rural fabric of Great Britain.

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